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If you know you want a plan for your pet but aren't sure when you'll get to an attorney to write up a will or trust, this could be a great interim option.

You can reserve a paw, hoof or feather plan for your pet(s) here by subscribing via our monthly payment option.

It's fast and easy. 

And your pet(s) will be guaranteed 'a pet plan' with us, effective immediately.

By joining here you'll receive a wallet card and clear adhesive door sticker that reads, "If something has happened to me, please contact The Paw and Feather Plan immediately at 786-307-5960 to take care of my pets." 


Reserve Your Spot

Note: Reserving this service in no way substitutes for working closely with a competent estate planning attorney that's familiar with writing wills and/or pet trusts to form a comprehensive plan for your pet.  

This 'reserve service' option shall serve as an interim protection until you can get an appointment with an estate planning attorney that has a deep understanding (or willingness to learn) about the importance of including pets in one's long term life and death plans.


Make a Plan for Your Pet

Jessica Pita, Owner and Primary Pet Caregiver, The Paw and Feather Plan Inc

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