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Providing care for your pet when you're no longer able to, due to death, illness or extreme life events. 

PAFP is a foster-based, family-based, boutique rescue.  We are experts at placing pets in permanent, loving homes. 

We embrace the​ opportunity to:

-Serve as your pet's primary caregiver/custodian due to a death or disability

-Help make a plan for your pet for when you're no longer here

-Help you keep your pet, even during times of trouble or crisis or

-Assist with re-homing your pet if you're no longer able to provide adequate care for him or her

    "The few and far between that include pets in planning, naming us as 'primary pet custodian,' along with associated provisions, are assuring not only that their pets go to loving homes, but that all pets we rescue go to loving homes. 

      You make this work possible. 

    When you become part of the PAFP family, you're becoming part of something much bigger.

-Jessica Pita, owner and primary pet caregiver


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To keep up with what we're doing on the daily, please follow us on social media (Facebook or Twitter, not very active on Instagram). And/or email via the form on the last page of this website, request to be added to our monthly email recipient list! 

Until the idea of including pets in planning really 'catches on,' we KEEP CALM and RESCUE ON... pulling at risk pets from several state shelters, putting them in one of our foster homes, and finding them loving, permanent homes.  We've placed 60+ pets in loving homes in 2021 alone!

JLP, owner and primary pet caregiver

"I can't thank you enough for your help with Brutus yesterday. He was so calm with you. You are so knowledgeable about handling stressed dogs."


Betsy Wells, Mobile Mutts ​Driver, Retired Federal Government Employee

"I've known Jessica since 2010. I adopted my little terrier mix, Shelly, from her in 2012. Now Shelly's 11 years old. Jessica has been involved in animal rescue for as long as I've known her. She's very passionate about this work."


Keith Hoffman, Captain of Motor Yacht, Sweet Sarah

"Jessica has a great love of animals and treats all (human and non-human) with respect and consideration. I knew her as a foster coordinator at Miami Dade Animal Services, and she was always a delight to deal with"


Jeannie Dykstra, Naturalist, Pet Foster Mom, Homemaker, Volunteer for King County Animal Services

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